Seminar discusses food challenges in the world

How to feed and nourish an entire planet? To discuss this challenge, on 26 and 27 January the seminar “Fruto – Food Dialogues” will gather in São Paulo 30 speakers and 300 guests. Stakeholders in areas such as sustainability, gastronomy, agriculture, science, and politics, as well as representatives of the food industry, will share their vision and discuss strategies and alternatives to take quality food to a world population that is estimated to reach 8.6 billion people by 2030.

Que WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger will take part in the event with a presentation in a panel that will address aspects of food production, sustainability and possible paths to end hunger. The Centre will present South-South cooperation as a strategy for developing countries to create and adopt sustainable policies and programmes to overcome hunger and poverty.

The seminar was organized by the Brazilian chef Alex Atala and Felipe Ribenboim. Speakers include Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food, Céline Cousteau, member of the Council on Oceans of the World Economic Forum, Ernst Götsch, agroforestry, Suzana Herculano-Houzel, neuroscientist, Manuela Carneiro da Cunha, anthropologist, among others.

The event will have livestreaming and translation. Click here to follow.

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